Using an analog dispenser, the pressure setting and dispensing time are set with rotary knobs and switches. All liquids and pastes can be precisely dispensed in very small and controlled amounts.

DC 200 Dispenser with timer

The economic and popular DC 200 series dispensers are easy to use. The set up takes just a few minutes and the dispensing process can be started immediately. The unit timer can be programmed from 0,01 to 31 seconds. The dispenser is available in two pressure range versions  – with dosing pressure up to maximum […]

DC 150 Dispenser without timer

Model DC 150 is recommended for manually timed dispensing applications which do not require a timer control. The dispensing process is activated by pressing the foot pedal. This model is more cost effective than the devices equipped with timers and ensures continuous dispensing processes with the same high quality. It is suitable for a wide […]