Here we provide a comprehensive overview of the entire range of liquid dispensers, cartridge filling devices, hand pumps, dispensing guns and vacuum tweezers.

Digital peristaltic pump dispenser PPD 3000

Model PPD 3000 is used for very precise digital controlled dispensing without air, especially for materials like cyanoacrylates, UV acrylates, solvents and other low viscosity fluids. The PPD 3000 is digitally adjustable and programmable and provides true “volumetric“ dispensing of fluids. The PPD 3000, with its standard stainless steel pump head, stands out against other […]

DC 1200 – Full Digital Dispenser

The DC 1200 series is the latest model in our dispenser series. We replaced the analog pressure gauge to provide all the data on the graphic display.The new digital display of the important dispensing information provides an excellent overview of all necessary data. It also has all the benefits and features which come with the […]

DC 1100 – Digital Dispenser

The DC 1100 series is almost the same as the DC 1000 series. It is suitable for all 3  – 55 cc barrels, as well as, larger cartridges with retainers.The DC 1100 series also displays the value set on the vacuum suck-back, which allows for improved documentation for quality assurance purposes and constant dispensing. Unit […]

Dosiergerät DC 1000 Serie

The DC 1000 dispenser series is the next level system to provide high quality dispensing. It comes with a large, bright digital display, which provides all necessary information and set-up. We also added a precision pressure regulator to increase the quality of the dispensing results.It can store up to 8 programs which can be recalled […]

DC 300 Digital Dispenser with Memory

The DC 300 is a very popular digital dispenser with perfect usability, bright display and all necessary features for your applications. The DC 300 series is available in 4 model versions with varied features. Our most popular model is the DC 370. The model DC 370 has three modes of operation. The manual mode enables […]

DC 200 Dispenser with timer

The economic and popular DC 200 series dispensers are easy to use. The set up takes just a few minutes and the dispensing process can be started immediately. The unit timer can be programmed from 0,01 to 31 seconds. The dispenser is available in two pressure range versions  – with dosing pressure up to maximum […]

DC 150 Dispenser without timer

Model DC 150 is recommended for manually timed dispensing applications which do not require a timer control. The dispensing process is activated by pressing the foot pedal. This model is more cost effective than the devices equipped with timers and ensures continuous dispensing processes with the same high quality. It is suitable for a wide […]

dispensing gun 990110

manual operation, metal, for 55 cc cartridge, 0,81 ml/stroke

dispensing gun 990277

manual operation, plastic, for 30 cc cartridge

dispensing gun 990277-10

manual operation, plastic, for 30 cc cartridge