About us

EMS Robotics is a specialist engineering consultancy, supplying experts in automation services to a broad spectrum of industries. Partnering with EMS Robotics provides peace of mind that your company will make an informed decision when considering automation and equipment. Our goal is to ensure an optimum solution within your financial constraints, improving quality while reducing defects.
Our experienced engineers provide our customers with an independent review, and with over twenty-five years of hands-on integration, we can help every step of the way. Whether your company has an opportunity to bid on a project requiring automation, an update to an existing manual process to increase throughput, or just needing to improve efficiency to increase profits:

EMS Robotics is the right partner for the best solution

Harmony in Automation

We deliver an experienced perspective to the several alternatives available in automation. By participating as a consultant team member of a project, or management oversight committee, our engineers work in harmony, advising on the latest advances in robotics, assembly and production integration.
Often we are called upon to provide an assessment of an upcoming installation or a manufacturing strategy without our customer needing to invest capital or hire personnel.

As a team member, our responsibility is to observe, and provide technical resource, thereby helping customers make informed decisions resulting in a cost effective and streamlined solution.
EMS Robotics is an international company. Engineers either attend meetings in person or via video link to avoid travel and accommodation expense. However, we recommend an assigned engineer visit in person on at least three occasions during the project.

Implementing a Project with EMS Robotics

• Decide primary goal(s)

• Identify stages and timeline for objective

• Offsite review to scope viability of strategy

• Meeting with management

• Agree to a schedule

• Delegate responsibility

• Decide on equipment and suitable suppliers

• Review proposals from vendors

• Document procedures and enact plan


• Managing a project from concept to fulfilment

• Technical writing

• Manuals and operation procedures

• System integration and automation

• Beta Test trials

• Investigation, analysis and corrective action

• Flow control, mapping and analytics

• Optimizing manufacturing networks

• Reducing rejects and cost saving initiatives

• Operational improvements

• New equipment technologies


• Robotics and fluid control

• Pumps and feeding systems

• Automated and manual soldering equipment

• Liquid flow valves

• Conveyor integration

• I/O and PLC controls

• XYZ, SCARA and Gantry robotic equipment

• Screw fastening & feeding systems


• Electronic and electro mechanical manufacture

• Medical device industry

• Renewable energy

• Automotive

• Communications

• Defense contractors and equipment

• Aviation

Reasons to contact EMS Robotics

• Bidding on a new project

• Updating a manual process

• Improving efficiency to reduce rejects

• Cost saving

• System problems and issues

• A proposal adversely impacts business goals

• Current propositions outside budget constraints

• Personnel resource

Let us help

Regardless of the reasons to change an existing process, or integrate new machinery, management needs to feel confident that the project is in capable hands. The final decision rests with them, but with the fast moving pace of EMS equipment technology, advice from an expert and a trusted automation company can be invaluable.

Three questions to ask when automating

• Who will drive the project?

• Will the decision be left to a supplier?

• Is help needed for the best solution?

EMS Robotics LLC – Helping industry make the right decisions in automation

” There are many paths, but the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”