valve controller preeflow® EC 200-B

Art.-Nr. ECO-EC200-B

for eco-PEN serial, installation version


The control device ECO-EC200-B (installation version) controls the preeflow® eco-PEN series dispenser. The control offers the complete functionality that is necessary for the process security of the dispenser. Through the structured menu and innovative user interface, the user has all data in view and is clearly informed on the current status.

Mode of operation:
The control device is controlled via microprocessor. It is characterized by simple operation and graphics surface. You can comfortably scroll through the menus with the navigation wheel. Preset prepressure is monitored and can be displayed digitally in bar or psi. Error messages for fill level and motor current are also monitored. External signals for control in automated lines can be connected to an SPS via I/O-port. Various dispensing programs with part management can be saved in the unit memory. A pneumatic system is not included in the installation version. An optional external pressure sensor is required.