Gantry Robot JC-3


Dispensing robot with 3 or 4 axis, working area configurable


The cartesian robot of the JC-3 Series offers numerous functions as well as an easy-to-use control and a robotic unit with a rich selection of stroke per axle. The JC-3 series uses stepper motors with feedback control. The payload is up to 8 kg, the maximum acceleration is at 5000mm/s2 and the maximum speed at 800mm/s. An Ethernet port (LAN) and 3 COM ports (RS2323C) are integrated by default. An optional Fieldbus port can be installed (available types: CC-Link, devicenet and profi bus).

The standard included SYS-I/O interface, the system is fully In-line capable and controllable via customer-side plc. The system offers advanced camera Functions for dosing applications with high precision requirements, such as Automatic calibration and a CCD camera adjustment including position correction and a qualitative evaluation of the dosing result. In order to support users from different countries, one of the 10 integrated display languages can be selected on the robot‘s Teach-box: German, Japanese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Czech and Vietnamese.


The Teach-box included in the scope of delivery is available for programming. Optionally, we offer the Windows® software JR-C Points II for programming, through which DXF data can also be imported.

Technical specifications:
Speed PTP X & Y / Z (mm / sec) 700/800/400
Repeat accuracy ± 0.02 mm / axis
Resolution 0.001 mm / axis
Storage capacity 999 programs, 32000 points
Control point to point (PTP) and continuous motion (CP)
I/O-signals: SYSTEM I/O 16 input and 16 output signals, user I/O-1 (optional) with 8 input and 8 output signals, I/O-MT (optional) can additionally control up to two external motors
External interface RS232 / USB/ field bus/ LAN
Display Teachbox LCD