benchtop robot VR3500


Dispensing robot with 3 or 4 axis, working area 510 X 510 mm


The model VR3500 has a footprint of 510 x 510 mm. The simple easy to use programming of the system can be done using the teach box or software for Microsoft® Windows® operating system.

The Cartesian dispensing robot VR3500 has an opening on one side. This makes it easy to handle bulky objects. They can easily be put in the work area and taken out again.

The system interpolates all programmed points, whether they are individual lines or one continuous path, in all axes automatically. The 4-axis model VR3504 is also equipped with a fourth axis, to enable rotation of the tool. The equally powerful and user-friendly software enables the operator to program quickly and easily all application routines. With a clear and easy to use “user guidance” menu program, the system is ready for use within a few minutes.

Connection options
The system is equipped with an I/O-signal interface for controlling external systems (16 input / 16 output).

Using teach box (13-line display, illuminated)
Ideal dispensing methods through continuous-path programing of movements.
Windows® and CAD software for entering the coordinates are optional.

Points, lines, arcs and circles
Used for sealing, potting, filling and encapsulation.
Perfect dispensing ability with repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm deviation
Computer skills are not required

Technical specifications
Max. height of workpiece: 208 mm (R 300 mm)
Speed PTP: X-axis 900 mm/s; Y-axis 900 mm/s; Z-axis 400 mm/s; R axis 900 °/s
Speed CP: 850 mm/s Combination of X/Y/Z movements
Repeat accuracy: VR3403 ± 0.007 mm per axis, VR3404 ± 0,01 mm per axis (R axis ± 0.008 °)
Storage capacity: Max. 32,000 points per system card
Control: point to point (PTP) and continuous path (CP)
Interpolation: XYZ axes simultaneous (CP) 3D line interpolation
Programming: Remote & Manual Data Input (MDI)
PLC: 100 programs, 1000 steps for each program
I/O-signals: SYSTEM I / O 16 input and 16 output signals, user I / O-1 (optional) with 8 input and 8 output signals (including 4 relays), I / O-MT (optional) can additionally control up to two external motors
External interfaces: RS-232C (3 ch) for external device, USB for saving and loading programs or backup, fieldbus CC-Link; DeviceNet; Professional bus (optional), LAN for PoE Industrial Hub Connections
Relative humidity: 35-85% without condensation
Dimensions 4-axis model (W x D x H): 687 x 731 x 894 mm